1. Have a coin drive contest – pit kids against adults, one grade against another – men against women and hold a change collection fundraiser.
  2. Sell candles, candy or cookie dough. We recommend Eileen’s Cookie Dough, it’s a great program and the dough sells itself. Call Molly to learn more (just tell her it’s for Chapter 25) at 421-6609/
  3. Have your church, organization, business - join the Nebraska coalition of Chapter 25.
  4. Have your business become a “Sponsoring Business” donating monthly or annually (financially or in-kind donations such as hairnets, cleaners, paper towels, equipment, paying utilities-etc.)
  5. Become a monthly donor yourself with a $10-$25 monthly pledge.
  6. Use your employer’s matching gift program to double your contribution to Chapter 25.
  7. Contribute goods or services to a Chapter 25 satellite or the national office as in-kind donation such as paper towels, cleaners, tp, sharpies & markers, packaging tape, cleaning services, an empty warehouse, pay the utilities for the year, provide boxes, t-shirts.
  8. Kids can sell their labor, or do chores for family and within the community.
  9. Sell school supplies before school for a semester.
  10. Sponsor a dinner party to raise awareness and funds for Chapter 25 – ask for a $25/person donation.
  11. Organize and conduct a “Walk-for-Chapter 25” in your community (or bike, skate, ski, bowl).
  12. Take a special offering for Chapter 25 in your church.
  13. Bring in pizza, pop, cookies for the packaging session and charge $15 per person to eat.
    (Use coupons for the pizza, have pop and cookies donated)
  14. In lieu of presents, collect donations for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary-etc.
  15. Hold a bake sale, pancake/waffle dinner, spaghetti dinner.
  16. Hold a neighborhood/school-wide/church-wide garage sale to raise money for Chapter 25.

For information on setting up a packing session contact Amy: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / 489-3108

To arrange a speaker for your group or church, or if you have questions contact Dee Dee: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /328-9289

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