"I usually turn the channel when I see commercials about starving children. It makes me too sad. But something about what you are doing touched me and I want to help. I am only 16, but I think that I have to do something. I have to help these starving children." Emily A., Oklahoma

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THANK YOU for your interest in Chapter 25! There are lots of different ways to volunteer matching your talents and strength. Below is a list of teams for you and your family, organization, and/or company. Each section lists different opportunities along with recommended time commitments and age appropriate activities. Be part of the solution to end local hunger and world-wide starvation.

Production Team (ADULTS, TEENS, CHILDREN 5+)

Fund Raising Team (ADULTS – TEENS)

Hospitality Team (ADULTS – TEENS)

Prison Team (ADULTS)


Production Team

Package Food: A great activity for individuals and families, groups/organization, celebrations and recognitions (birthday, family, corporate). In 2010 we hosted over 4200 local volunteers contributing to over 14,000 volunteer hours! You have 3 choices for packaging:

PUBLIC SESSIONS: Public sessions are held as funding permits. Sessions will be posted on the website as they are scheeduled. Register online up to 10 volunteers at a time. Each volunteer feeds 270 children with an ingredient cost of $54 – donations are desperately needed so that we may feed as many children as possible.

PRIVATE SESSIONS: You determine the schedule for your group of 10-100 volunteers to package at the warehouse. Set a goal for the meals you wish to package and we’ll help you determine how much to raise, remember, our meals are just 23 cents! Then fundraise (we can help you with ideas) and schedule your session. Donations for ingredients costs will be accepted before your session to determine the meals to package.

MOBILE SESSIONS:We’ll come to you! Pick the date, time, and location, we are completely flexible. Minimum of 40 participants within city limits (outside of city limits, a min. of 60,000 meals is required). The cost is 23 cents/meal. 50% of costs are needed 2 weeks prior to the event with the remainder needed at the start of the event.

ADULTS, TEENS, CHILDREN 5+ 2-3 hours per session

Warehouse Packaging Supervisor - A great position allowing you to work directly with volunteers packaging. Oversee the session by preparing for the event (arriving 30 min. before scheduled event), introducing the group to the purpose and origins of Chapter 25, demonstrate the process, then oversee the session and clean-up with the group. Prepare food for the group to sample.

ADULTS – TEENS 3-3.5 hours/month

Clean up Crew – Neat freak? Like everything in its place and a place for everything? Have we got a spot for you! Join our monthly cleaning session to keep things sparkling and new!

ADULTS – TEENS – 3 hours/month

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Fund Raising Team

Event Planning - Idea person? Visionary? Task Master? Have a passion for planning and organizing? We’ll put your skills and talents to good use working on quarterly FUNdraising events. Join our Fundraising Team and work on quarterly; annual; one-time events to raise awareness about the plight of hungry and starving children and be a part of feeding millions of children every year!

Public Relations – Pride yourself on being a great speaker? Join the Speakers Bureau and introduce others to Chapter 25. Work for a radio or television station? Have local contacts you can get excited about Chapter 25? Join the PR Unit to help keep our mission and/or events in the public eye!

Grant Writing – The framework is complete so if you have an eye for detail or grant writing experience – WE NEED YOU!

Help others coordinate fundraising for their groups – Assist groups in setting up successful fund raising events for their organization (school, church, business, organization).

Corporate sponsors – Well connected or love meeting and talking to people? Work for a large company? Work with a team to acquire Corporate Sponsorships for warehouse & special events.

ADULTS – TEENS What you can give – min. 3 hours/month desired

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Hospitality Team

Administration - Put your social skills and talents to work writing thank you cards, inputting email addresses, sending out mailers, creating newsletters, preparing reports, generating reports.

Volunteer Appreciation Event – Set up an annual event to thank all of our wonderful volunteers!

Social Media Updating/Face book/Twitter – The world it is a changing – and we need your skills and energy to keep up, join us by updating our website, Face book and Twitter!

Chapter 25 Liaison – Do you have a passion for Chapter 25 that you want to share with others? Educate them on the need then follow-through and motivation involvement? Whether it’s your school, church, place of business or an organization you are involved with, become a Chapter 25 Liaison to educate, organize events for packaging, fundraising-etc. Training is provided along with documentation, presentations, even bulletin information. Take your involvement to the next level!

ADULTS – TEENS 2-4 hours/month

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Prison Team

Another great start-up opportunity taking mobile packaging events to inmates. In Florida – packaging events such as this saw life-changing results while producing nearly 3 times the average meals of a packaging event held in the warehouse! Take this program from inception to implementation. 

ADULTS Planning 1-2 hours/month

Sessions – 3-4 hours/once or twice/year

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Our Food
sm_girl_bag_cropOur revolutionary food package has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. This one package provides six nutritionally-complete servings for only 32 cents/meal.
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