Thank you for your support of Lincoln Chapter 25! We look forward to your upcoming session. The packets you'll be preparing have been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and Archer Daniels Midland. This one packet provides six nutritionally-complete servings to feed the hungry here at home and starving children around the world. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can make a difference. You'll package approximately 270 meals! Which is great because there are currently 1 billion severely malnourished people causing a death every few seconds (predominately children under the age of five). 10% of Lincoln lives at or below the poverty level.

As a completely volunteer-driven organization, we are extremely efficient stewards of all monies relying solely on private donations to purchase the ingredients you'll package. Thanks to our partnerships, our food costs are just 23 cents/meal, about $54/volunteer for a 2 hr. session. We raise all of our own funds without any administrative or marketing costs (all donated). Unfortunately, when we run out of funds, we are forced to shut our doors. Because of that, we ask that you please contribute as much of your costs as possible so that we can continue to purchase ingredients for packaging to prevent the starvation of innocent children. You can also set up a monthly donation online.

Just 4 hours of your time, and roughly $12/month will feed 2 children for an entire year (one meal/day)! If you haven't met Sam and Esther under the videos section of our website, please watch the video and think of these innocent faces as the children we serve.

If you haven't packed food with us before, please watch the video "How to Package Meals with Table Top Sealer." It will help you to understand the steps in packing meals and get you ready for your packing experience.

A few reminders: Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes, our floor is concrete, there is no air-conditioning and heat is kept to 65 (layers are recommended). Children should be at least 5 years old to package.

Please keep in mind the following ratios for adults/children: Children 5 - 9 need 1 adult for every 6 children; 10 - 14 need 1 adult for every 10 children; 15+ need 1 adult for every 20 children.

Directions: 2316 Kimarra Court - We are located South of Cornhusker on the west side of 27th Street (near State Fair Park Grounds). If you are south of Cornhusker, take 27th Street and turn left (west) at the end of the overpass (Theresa Street), make an immediate left onto the access road running parallel to 27th St. (going South). Take your first right onto Kimco and at the next stop sign take a left into the warehouse parking lot. You will see a Chapter 25 sign in the lawn in front of the warehouse.

Thank you,

Dee Dee Neil, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our Food
sm_girl_bag_cropOur revolutionary food package has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. This one package provides six nutritionally-complete servings for only 32 cents/meal.
Chapter 25
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